Prom 2012

As we prepare for the 2012 Prom Season, Colleen and I want to personally welcome all of

The largest selection of Vest and Tie Color Combinations

you to Tuxedo’s of Lodi.

For the Past 18 Years Tuxedos of Lodi has been somewhat of a “rite of passage” for young men as they prepare for Proms throughout the Lodi area.

It is with pride that we open our doors to the young men of Lodi, Stockton and Galt and with even greater pride that we invite you to make OUR store YOUR store.

How do we do that?

1) You are the customer, not your parents and not your date: We are here to help you decide, not to chose for you. Colleen and I have only one goal… and that is for you to look great for your Prom. We never charge a deposit YOUR CREDIT is GOOD at Tuxedos of Lodi. You can Pay when you pick it up.

2) We turn the store over to you: For as long as I can remember,  the months of April and May are your months and the store reflects that. We are a Men’s store and so we have guy conversations, we kid, we laugh and we roll with the punches… its what guys do.

3) We invite changes We understand that your lives are full of changes and your dates can change their mind. What was a yellow dress is now a black dress, what was leopard is now pink poke-a-dot. We don’t “Charge Extra” for last minute tuxedos and we certainly DON’T charge Extra because your date changed the Dress color at the last minute. Imagine that.

4) What happens at Tuxedos of Lodi Stays at Tuxedos of Lodi. We pull your pants up, we tuck in your shirt, we make sure that when you leave you know how to wear a Tuxedo and that you will look great. About the only thing we wont do for you is Zip up your pants. (Peter hates surprises)

5) Peter and Colleen have one Policy… Everyone has fun.

Save at Tuxedos of Lodi

We accept all Competitor $30.00 Student Discount Cards

6) $30.00 Student Discount Card: Here’s the DEAL… Everyone gets the Student Discount No Matter What and we accept the discount cards from Stockton. Look, unless you are ordering the $59.95 Tuxedo, that is already discounted (and I am not knocking it because it is still one of my favorites), you get the discount! We don’t have silly cut-off dates and we don’t charge for late orders.


7) Soda’s and Tootsie Pops are on us: Doesn’t sound very manly? Well to me it does and that is why we have them for you and your friends. You are family.

8) We know what looks good and we can help you put together the perfect prom tuxedo.  It really is that simple… we are the Best!

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